HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Below we offer a variety of resources to help you learn more about web technologies.

Beginner Resources:

A Beginner’s guide to HTML and CSS

This is a simple and comprehensive guide dedicated to helping beginners learn HTML and CSS. Outlining the fundamentals, this guide works through all common elements of front-end design and development.

Learn Layout

This is a tutorial that will teach you the CSS fundamentals that are used in a website’s layout.

The Box Model

This tutorial takes an in-depth look at the box model, to be come a good web developer this is something you must really understand

Short hand CSS Cheat Sheet

Handy reference for all the shorthand CSS attributes.

Girl Develop It Tutorials

Some nice tutorials for HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Advanced Resources:

A Advanced guide to HTML and CSS

This takes a deeper look at front-end design and development. It expands on what is covered in the beginner’s guide linked above.

HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate is a professional front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites.

Writing efficient CSS selectors

This tutorial discusses advanced CSS selectors in order to optimise efficiency.

JS For Cats

This is an introduction for new programmers to the JavaScript Language.

Tutorials for making iPhone games

A tutorial on using real code to make an iPhone game in your browser

Chrome Developer tools

This tutorial looks at all the features offered by chromes developer tools and shows you how to use them.

Miscellaneous Tools:

Frameworks and Styleguides


Color pickers