First Time

How do I get to CoderDojo DCU?

First, get to DCU. Directions to DCU can be found on the How to get to DCU page of DCU’s website. If travelling by car you should mark in the multi-story car park which is clearly signposted and opposite the Helix. More information about parking may be found on the DCU website’s Parking page.

Once you’re on campus here’s a map so you can find your way around:

What do I need to bring?

You will need a laptop, with the software listed below installed. If you would like to bring a snack for the break during class then you can, there is also a Londis and coffee shop/juice bar on campus where you can purchase items.

What software do I need installed?

If possible please install the following before you arrive, this can save a lot of time at the beginning of a Dojo making sure that everyone has the same software installed.

  • For all of our classes:
  • For our web development classes:
    • Windows Laptops: Notepad++ (This is a direct link to the installer, you just need to download and run)
    • Apple Mac Laptops: Text Wrangler
  • For our Scratch classes:

Do I really need to stay for the entire session?

Yes, you must stay with your child for the entire session regardless of age. This is not something we can be flexible on. We have plenty of chairs so you can sit with your child and get involved or if you prefer, you can sit at the side of the room.

Is there WiFi available?

Yes, DCU allows us to use their network. Access details are given at the beginning of each class.