Noel King – Organiser

Noel has been involved in CoderDojo since it started in Dublin. He worked with DCU to get a Dojo set up in the university and has been running it successfully since April 2012. He has also organised the “Coolest Projects” event, which was held last year in DCU. He’s currently working hard on organising all that’s required for this next years event.

He is famous for teaching Chuck Norris how to program at CoderDojo.

Ben Chapman

Ben has been around CoderDojo since the early days (the second ever Dojo at the NSC in Mahon). He started the first Dublin CoderDojo in Google and later helped move it to the Science Gallery where it’s been running since (and has been passed from organiser to organiser a few times).

Catrina Carrigan

Catrina Carrigan is an Enterprise Computing student at DCU, an Intel Women in Technology Scholar and a Director of Teen-Turn.  She first joined CoderDojo DCU in 2012 as a ninja before becoming a mentor.  She has experience in web development, Scratch, Micro: bit and Python.   

Meabh Landers

Meabh joined the DCU dojo in September 2015 as a mentor for the girls’ group. She currently teaches web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript) at the dojo. She studied in DCU and graduated in 2015 with a BS.c. in Computer Applications. She currently works as a front end web developer in Dublin.

Vanessa Greene

Vanessa joined DCU dojo in 2013 as a ninja and has been mentoring since 2014. She currently mentors the Scratch class & occasionally lends her hand at web design. Day-to-day Vanessa can be found running numerous events in Dublin or creating YouTube videos.