About Us

We were founded on 28 April 2012 with one aim, create an environment that excites and engages all our participants in technology.  Every aspect of what we deliver must be fun, and encourage creativity above all other goals, we target this objective every week.  This focus has taken us on a crazy and amazing adventure where the kids have defined their tech journey through a cutting edge collaborative games course.  Our philosophy is simple, firstly we create material about what interests the participants, define the learning objects and once the concepts are understood, then let you loose to take what you have learned to new exciting and creative level by you creating your own projects.

To get started what will you learn at CoderDojo DCU; we love pushing the tech boundaries and will engage at both software and hardware levels.  Most people learn development languages focus on learning the language and spent alot of time figuring it out without appreciating the programming concepts necessary.  We honestly don’t care about languages, we take a cooler approach and instead focus on the output such as cool website, game or app. In engaging the output instead the results have been amazing.  This year we focused on teaching everyone the foundations of every programming language

  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Logic
  • Loops
  • Objects

With these concepts understood you can now take your programming knowledge to any language and adapt with ease.   This enables us to easily move languages based on your motivations.

Great, you have learned how to program but where next, how about bringing some hardware into the mix and take you creations to a more customized and fun level.  To achieve this we regularly bring hardware into the hacking and showcase how it can be used in conjunction with what is being learned.  We’ve had Hack the Computer days and integrated Makey Makey with our games.  We will continue to push this joint exploration and have Arduino and Raspberry Pi hacking planned.

Another initiative we launched this year is CoderDojoGirls with the aim to increase girl participant and engagement in tech.  All our other dojo classes remain mixed, however this dojo will focus on girl centric material.  This dojo is lead by two of our legendary mentors Niambh Scullion and Sarah Doran, who drive this through their passion for tech.

We always welcome feedback so if you are not having enough fun let us know.  So all we can say is make sure you have fun, continue to explore, be cool and creative.