Coolest Projects 2014 – Be creative and you will amaze

We are delighted to announce the CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards is coming back for 2014 and will run next June.


This event is all about the members and we created it to encourage the innovators of the future who attend CoderDojo. The key ethos for the event is for the members to take what is being learned in CoderDojo to a new creative level, a level that we could not have imagined.  With this we challenge you to participate in Coolest Projects Awards 2014.  This a really cool opportunity to come up with an idea you are passionate about, develop it, then come to Coolest Projects awards and wow other members.

With over 60 projects and nearly 500 hundred attendees 2013 was awesome.   This year members, mentors and parents were inspired and amazed by the projects, so keep being creative. There some really exciting projects presented from a cooking game in scratch, to a website teaching you CoderDojo, to a website about famous people, to an app that thought Irish, to a games engine.   We can’t wait to see what you come up next year.


Keep an eye out on Coolest Projects website and @coolestprojects for updates.