Code EU Week CoderDojo Rally Cry

This is CoderDojo Rally Cry for Code EU week from the 25th to the 30th of November.  We are looking for CoderDojo members everywhere to get involved, code and teach others to code.    As part of our participation in Code EU we felt that CoderDojo could do more than participate as we code every week.  So this challenge is to every CoderDojo member out there to help us build our new website for Code EU

This website is the brain child of CoderDojo DCU member Niamh.  Niamh’s project was to create a website which taught others, including CoderDojo members, how to code. This was a great social orientated project entered in this years CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards that wowed and impressed so many of the attendees. Great idea Niamh and what a project to share with all CoderDojo members.

Niamh at CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards

So this is CoderDojo’s challenge to you, register at and during Code EU week login and using HTML & CSS code or just write free text to share with others what cool code and techniques you have learned.  Every member who registers will get a section on the webpage to  make their own.  So we are really looking forward to the creative learning output you create.  The website allows members register / login and

  • Add HTML code where they can teach others what they have learned at CoderDojo
  • Members can write about any language to teach others
  • Add CSS to style their HTML and make it look cool
  • Once saved, their lessons would be appear on the webpage
  • These lessons will help others to start coding, CoderDojo style

We are hoping hundreds of CoderDojo members from all over will get involved and teach others how to code.  It would be really cool If this website created by you teaches a range of languages from Scratch to HTML to Java.  It’s all about sharing your knowledge and passion.  We also welcome foreign languages too and I am not talking about C++.

A cool part of the CoderDojo ethos is to give back and share with others what you have learned at CoderDojo.   This is an unique opportunity to share your insight and knowledge with the global development community and inspire others to start coding.

Well done Niamh and thanks for your amazing contribution to teaching programming all over Europe. Can’t wait to see how CoderDojo members help extend your idea.  

We will pick 5 cool entries on the website and send you a CoderDojo T-Shirt and stickers.  So get coding and share.