CoderDojo DCU member coolest project goes European

Learn to Code EU Week is a European initiative to encourage coding, running from the 25th to the 30th of November. More details can be found at CoderDojo is supporting this initiative.

This event was introduced to me by Prof Brian MacCraith of DCU, he was wondering how could we at CoderDojo DCU participate in this European wide coding event. Honestly this wracked my brain for the following couple of hours, I was excited by the concept. But how could we get kids from all over CoderDojo to code together? What would they program? So many different interests? Most dojos have not conceived the concept of code sharing.

I then remembered a Coolest Projects Awards ( entry this year from Niamh. Niamh’s project was to create a website which taught others, including CoderDojo members, how to code. This was a great social orientated project that really aligned with the CoderDojo ethos to share the knowledge you gain. What a great idea from one our youngest members, but that was what Coolest Projects is all about. I just had a feeling then that this project was going to go beyond coolest projects and impact a greater audience than those who attended. So seeing Niamh’s project idea extended to take part in a European coding initiative is something at CoderDojo DCU we are very proud of.

Thanks to Niamh we had the project concept sorted and it was now time for us to extend this and allow members from all over Europe contribute what they are learning at CoderDojo. Next challenge was to come up with a domain to launch this CoderDojo European initiative. After a night of restless sleep and hours of brain storming was born. Domain bought, was time to launch the webpage.

The website would now allow members register / login and

  • Add HTML code where they can teach others what they have learned at CoderDojo
  • Members can write code to teach any language
  • Add CSS to style their HTML
  • Once saved, their lessons would be appear on the webpage
  • These lessons will help others to start coding, CoderDojo style

We are hoping hundreds of CoderDojo members from all over Europe will get involved and teach others how to code.

Well done Niamh and thanks for your amazing contribution to teaching programming all over Europe.

So this is the rally call to all CoderDojo members out there for Code EU week, sign up at and start sharing, we can’t wait to see what you achieve.